A tall, vivacious blond sits in her studio filled with raw materials of her trade, stones of all colors imaginable, and metals from all parts of the world, all tools to complete her statement designs. Judy Klimek a long time resident of Laguna Beach realized her life long dream in 2009 when her jewel-box showroom opened in the prestigious downtown of Laguna Beach. Designing for over 20 years her love of gemstones came at a very early age.

Judy was raised in Montana where her first love affair began. At the age of five, Judy found interesting stones near her drive-way. She cleaned them up, but they slowly reverted to their dull color after they dried. To keep them sparkling she used her mother’s nail polish to shine them up.

It would be 22 years later, that her gemstone dreams would become a reality. Judy’s audacious sense of style grew, as did her knowledge of what to look for in gemstones. Many times her purchase of jewelry left her feeling like each piece could be a little more “out there”, a little more “expressive”. At this point, Judy found herself designing her own gemstone jewelry. Judy and her husband traveled to all corners of the world finding exquisite gems and metals.

With her thirst for acquiring and creating unique gemstone jewelry so came her quest for knowledge. Judy enrolled in and completed courses at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in La Jolla, California. She has completed courses to become an accredited jewelry professional and is well on her way to becoming a fully accredited gemologist.

Wearing her designs about town created a buzz that many times caused Judy to sell necklaces right off her neck. It was in response to this public fervor that Judy defied the recession and opened her studio.

Judy has always created her own path, done things her own way and has never wavered in her jewelry taste and design.

“My designs are about getting women noticed with something fun, unique and colorful”.

- Judy Klimek